After the doctorate

Future Doctors must give some consideration to their professional integration. Training in research is a skill that should be built on. The Doctoral School, with support from the different host departments, can help doctoral students with their professional integration by offering specific preparatory modules.

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•    Qualification as Maître de conférences (lecturer): See website
•    Positions as Attaché temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche (Research assistant) (ATER)
•    Career guidance center (building A22 - Talence)
•    ABG-Intelli'agence: Specializing in the professional integration of doctors
•    Association ANDès: National association of doctors: activities: using the doctorate in the private sector, international mobility, career management in higher education and research, the opening up of senior civil service positions to doctors, etc.
•    AquiDoc: Association of young researchers in Aquitaine with the primary aim of helping young researchers (doctoral students and post-doctoral) pursue careers in sectors other than academia.

APEC survey

Executive employment studies, no.2014-57, October 2014.

 Professional outcomes for young doctors: what paths have they taken, how have they integrated 5 years after their thesis?

University of Bordeaux survey

Survey by the Observatory for Training and University Life (OFVU) on doctors’ career outcomes about 30 months after their viva.

See the University of Bordeaux website

Doctoral School statistics

Career outcomes for doctors 2012 (3 years after their viva)

Survey response rate: 85%

Almost half of doctors were employed in the private sector,
14% in the academic sector (excluding post-doctoral research),
11% in post-doctoral research (France or abroad),
65% of employees had a permanent contract after 3 years.

Updated on 07/12/2021


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