Authorization for the defense is given by the President of the University of Bordeaux, after approval from the Director of the Doctoral School, on the recommendation of the thesis supervisor.

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To accompany the declarative document of the thesis defense, doctoral students must provide a list of their publications, papers and patents that have been published, accepted, submitted and planned, giving full references.


The candidate’s work is first examined by at least two Rapporteurs (reviewers), also authorized to supervise research, but who are external to the University of Bordeaux, to the Doctoral School and to any institution linked by agreements with the University of Bordeaux.

The rapporteurs must not have published anything with the doctoral student.
At least fourteen days before the date set for the thesis defense, the rapporteurs give their opinion in written reports, on the basis of which the President of the University of Bordeaux authorizes the defense to go ahead, on the advice of the Director of the Doctoral School.

As part of its deliberations, the jury assesses the quality of the candidate’s work, their ability to situate it in the scientific context and the quality of the writing.

After deliberation, the jury declares that the thesis is accepted or they request an adjournment.

The thesis supervisor is a member of the jury, but does not deliberate and takes no part in the decisions.

Obtaining the French national doctorate diploma confers the rank of Doctor.

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