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The doctoral thesis is the students’ first experience of research within a team in an academic or industrial setting. Doctoral students are professionals in the making and therefore have a work contract, additional training courses and the tools needed to enhance their work in preparation for their future integration into the world of research.

The rights and obligations of the doctoral student and their supervisor are enumerated in the Doctoral Charter of the University of Bordeaux.

Admission to the Doctoral School of Physics and Engineering is determined by:

  • Academic results, especially distinctions and ranking in their Master’s degree;
  • Being accepted for a thesis subject offered by a researcher or a lecturer-researcher from a research unit attached to the Doctoral School;
  • Obtaining funding of at least €1200 net per month for 36 months to prepare the doctorate.

The first step in starting work on the doctorate is to make contact with a research team offering a thesis subject funded over 3 years, run by a researcher accredited to supervise research (HDR), and which has been validated by the Doctoral School.

Matching the subject with the candidate is a determining criterion for finding the right thesis subject. This choice is made by the researcher or lecturer-researcher who is offering the thesis subject. Depending on the sources of funding, the selection of the candidate is approved during the appropriate council meetings.

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