10 Novembre – Theseis defense - Pierre Vignon

10 h Full videoconference

Characterization and Optimization of the properties of non-woven thermal insulators based on wood fibers.

The works presented here fit into current context of strong commercial development potential of bio-sourced insulators. They are carried out as part of a CIFRE PhD financed by the company FINSA France. They took place at I2M laboratory in Bordeaux, within an industrial project, ECOMATFIB (ADEME BIP, 2014-2017) : ECOconception et Optimisation multi-objectif de MATériaux isolants à base de FIBres de bois. The Objective of this PhD is to design, manufacture, characterize and optimize properties of thermal insulation based on wood fibers, produced using  nonwoven textile process. After analysis of wood resource present in the New-Aquitaine region, insulating materials were designed out of sheets from maritime pine, pine taeda, poplar and eucalyptus wood fibers with addition of thermoplastic fibers then thermally consolidated in hot air oven. After preliminary identification of adjustment parameters of nonwoven chain available in I2M laboratory, many fibrous materials were made from diversified raw materials and suitable machine parameters. These bio-based materials were thermally characterized mainly by hot plane method and then in hydric manner to know their ability to interact with relative humidity of ambient air. Finally, their characterization in compression made it possible to study their propensity to preserve their properties after mechanical stress. Datas collected made it possible to identify parameters of raw materials as well as manufacturing process having significant impact on properties of these insulators. A first approach to modeling properties has led to identification of avenues to improve thermal properties and to validate their very good capacity for water regulation.

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