20 Décembre – Thesis defense - Alexandre Taymans

13 h30 Amphi Jean-Paul Dom - laboratory IMS (building A31 / campus de Talence)

Traffic management using cooperative ADAS.

This study takes place in the framework of the VANets development. The main goal is to design ADAS, using data from C2C communications, improving traffic situation. Criterions to assess the traffic in terms of security, comfort, environmental impact and traffic fluidness are chosen. A first contribution is the design of a cruise control system enriched, on the one hand, with feedforward element on the reference signal including a filter with a non integer order and, on the other hand, with an input reference signal generation taking into account vehicle dynamics and operating conditions. A second input is the design of connected and not connected car following laws in order to study their impact on traffic. Results show marginal gains with connected laws compared to not connected law. In order to improve traffic performances, a third contribution set up local and global cooperation between connected vehicles in order to improve lane changing impact on traffic.

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