13 Décembre – Thesis defense - Ali Mohsen

15 h Amphi J.P. Dom - Laboratory IMS / Building A31 (University of Bordeaux - Talence)

Harmonic oscillator for 5G application.

The PhD project is about harmonic oscillator; the oscillator depends on the fundamental frequency signal at 25 GHz which is amplified using an LNA and power amplifier in order to generate third harmonic signal at 75 GHz at the output, and feedback the fundamental signal to ensure the continuity of the oscillation. A diplexer is used to separate between both frequencies at the output stage, taking in consideration the improvement of the output power, phase noise, and the power added efficiency PAE at the candidate frequency of 5G application. The transistor technology chosen is the 28nm FDSOI from the STMicroelectronics.

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