05 Décembre – Thesis defense - Antoine Girot

14 h Amphi 3 - building A9 (University of Bordeaux / Talence campus)

Optical manipulation and deformation of soft interfaces.

This thesis work is devoted to the optical manipulation and deformation of soft liquid interfaces, in two fundamental geometries: plane and spherical. We then show that the deformations induced by optical radiation pressure allow to deduce the properties of interfaces, such as interfacial tension for example. In the framework of the deformation of a plane liquid interface by optical radiation pressure, we generalize for the first time the electro-hydrodynamic manifestation of Taylor cones to the optical regime, showing that liquid cones can emerge under intense laser excitation.
We then characterized the morphology of these "optical cones" and we show that their angle depends both on the parameters of the laser excitation and on the characteristics of the fluids. An analytical study as well as a numerical investigation were then conducted to account for the observed behaviors. In order to study the deformation of soft interfaces in spherical geometry, we have developed a fiber-based dual-beam optical trap in a microfluidic device in a novel configuration in terms of excitation wavelength and laser power. We then applied our device to the deformation of vesicles as soft model objects and we show that our dual-beam trap is well adapted to the rheological characterization of deformable micron-sized objects. Thanks to the use of high laser power beams, we experimentally highlight the appearance of a non-linear deformation regime within our double optical trap.

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