24 Septembre – Thesis defense - Antonine Rochet

14 h Amphi - Institut d'optique d'Aquitaine (Talence)

Manipulation optique de vortex d'Abrikosov individuels dans les supraconducteurs et applications.

At the interface between optics, magnetism and superconductivity, we want to develop new concepts for the optical manipulation, the generation and the study of individual Abrikosov vortices in superconducting systems.

On one hand, we demonstrate the efficiency of an optical method to perform spontaneous generation of a single vortex/anti-vortex pair by Kibble Zurek effect, based on a laser pulse focused at the superconductor film surface. It is a fast far field method to create and trap a pair into the superconducting condensate at a reproducible and stable position. This experiment is also adapted to the study of the Kibble Zurek mechanism, describing nucleation of topological defects such as Abrikosov vortices during a fast second order phase transition.

On the other hand, we present the results of a pomp-probe experiment to the study the inverse Faraday effect into a BiLuIG garnet used for magneto-optical imaging of vortices. We show the possibility to produce a strong femtosecond magnetic field of a few Tesla localized into the garnet with a circularly polarized ultra-short laser pulse. Those results lead to the determination of the experimental conditions necessary to generate a vortex/anti-vortex pair with a magneto-optical method based on the application of a strong magnetic field close to the superconductor surface. Fast optical manipulation and generation of vortices, which are intrinsic nano-objects of the superconducting state, should enable the development of optically driven superconducting micro-circuits such as Josephson junctions.

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