25 Avril – Thesis defense - Asma Achnib

08 h15 Bibliothèque1ENIG - Gabès (Tunisie)

Development of the CRONE control with robust anticipative effect.

The work presented in this thesis is part of the study of the effectiveness of CRONE control with anticipative effect in the problems of tracking and control for monovariable and multivariable systems. The anticipation objective is to design a control algorithm that minimizes a quadratic error between the reference and the output of the system and at the same time achieve a good level of the control signal. The proposed solution combines a robust feedback control with a feedforward control. The feedforward action uses optimality criteria and an anticipative filter which is designed in the frequency domain using a mix of $mathcal{H}_2$ et $mathcal{H}_infty$ constraints. The reduction of the number of parameters of the anticipative filter by using a slower sampling period for the anticipative filter is treated. Academic examples highlight the theoretical developments. A practical application on a hydraulic control system has shown the efficiency of the developed approach.

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