09 Janvier – Thesis defense - Asmaâ Agouzoul

09 h Amphi 21 - Technopole Izarbel (Bidart)

New numerical methods for 3D metallic modeling.

Selective Laser Melting offers new perspectives in terms of part design and simplification of complex assemblies. However, severe thermo-mechanical conditions arise and are responsible for local plastic deformation, residual stresses and distortion of the manufactured component. Numerical simulation is an interesting tool for process understanding the physical phenomena and their impact on the quality of the part. In this thesis, we propose different approaches to perform simulations at a lower cost, by using model reduction algorithms. The results are compared with those obtained by the finite element method. A reverse analysis in order to identify the inherent strain responsible for the measured elastic springback makes possible to build offline numerical abacus. Therefore, we use a multi-parametric reduced order model using the so called Proper Generalised Decomposition (PGD) to construct this abacus. We also explore the benefits of an implementation of PGD on GPU.

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