13 Juillet – Thesis defense - Aurore Quélennec

14 h Amphi Jean-Paul Dom - Laboratory IMS / Building A31 (University of Bordeaux)

Embedded sensors for microelectronics packaged module reliability

IBM is combining forces with the Université de Sherbrooke to introduce intelligency, which are sensors, in microelectronics module. The project is to make the assembly process of a chip more robust thanks to the sensor data. These microelectronics module are used in high-performance computing servers or telecommunications.
The objectives are to design, characterize and embed 109 micro-sensors, having dimensions below 1 x 100 x 100 µm3. These micro-sensors will be on chip and measure temperature, moisture and strain. Thus these micro-sensors will give the spatial distribution of temperature, moisture and strain into the microelectronics module in severe environments. The carbon nanotube-based sensor realized are very sensitive to moisture and temperature, as example the output quantity value of the sensors is reduced by 50 per cent with a temperature excursions from -40 to 140 ℃. I developed a novel method to separate the temperature response from the moisture one, using the impedance properties of the sensor.

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