11 Février – Thesis defense - Benjamin Delhomme

14 h Amphi 3 - bâtiment A9 | Université de Bordeaux (campus de Talence)

A web application based on argumentation frameworks and MCDA methods for real-time decision making - application to buildings retrofitting.

Collective decisions, which often require the adhesion of different parties involved, is a complex problem. With various dimensions, such as economic, social, cultural, political and environmental, reaching a consensus on a serious subject among stakeholders implies that one has a good overall understanding and argumentation skill. While many methods or tools try to help in such a task, no tool in our knowledge supports real-time debates about thousands of optimized solutions by allowing participants to visualize arguments and identifying opposing points of view to resolve conflicts.
In this thesis, we introduced an innovative method (AMHORE) combining abstract argumentation framework with multi-criteria decision methods (MCDM), that allows the stakeholders to formalize the decision problem by taking explicitly into account the diverse opinions expressed and ensuring their traceability. As part of the ANR REHA-PARCS project, we developed a real-time participatory decision support web application for the building stock retrofitting called WebAIPA. We expect this new approach to place discussion at the center of the decision-making process in order to facilitate the acceptance of the final decision by all parties.

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