06 Septembre – Thesis defense - Cheng Wu

10 h30 Amphi Centre de Recherche Paul-Pascal (Pessac)

Hybrid colloidal molecules from self-assembly of viral rod-like particles.

We focus on assembly of the rod-like viruses into colloidal molecules that can serve as building blocks for self-organization. Two distinct methods have been used, employing affinity of streptavidin to biotin or strep-tag histidine-proline-glutamine (HPQ) affinity, and sufur-metal interaction, respectively. The number of viruses involved in the colloidal molecules, i.e., valenciy n, of the obtained colloidal molecule is tuned in both cases. Particularly, heterobifunctional diblock (n = 2) is synthesized by assembling two viruses labeled with two different dyes.

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