16 Novembre – Thesis defense - Ernesto Rodriguez Pila

10 h Amphi 4 - Building A10 (IUT Gradignan)

Contribution to predictive and experimental modelling choices with respect to the design of multiscale structures with uncertainties.

The design of multi-scale structures relies on numerous experimental modelling combined to complex predictive modelling providing knowledge about relevant parameters at the structure scale. The addition of knowledge affects significantly the cost of modelling. The designer must be able to control the relevance of this addition of knowledge. The present work proposes the development of a design support methodology allowing the choice between several predictive and experimental models combinations. Each of those combinations presents different compromise between the cost and the accuracy of the modelling. The method takes into consideration epistemic and random uncertainties involved in the modelling and integrate the solving of a multi-objective problem. This methodology is applied to the redesign of a thick composite vessel and provides optimised and robust modelling combinations adapted to the redesign requirements with a controlled modelling cost and a managed level of uncertainty.

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