08 Juin – Thesis defense - Florent Magnier

10 h Amphi Jean-Paul Dom - laboratory IMS / Building A31 (Talence campus)

Reliability study of 0.15um GaN technology on SiC - Electrical characterization and analysis of parasitic effects and failure mechanisms.

This work is directly related to the development of the UMS GaN technology named GH15. The first chapter presents the operation and architecture of GaN HEMTs as well as their parasitic effects and their degradation mechanisms. The second chapter focuses on the UMS technology GH15. A measurement campaign was conducted to characterize the performances of the transistors and the leakage current paths of the technology. The study of their reliability is presented and the results of aging tests highlight three parasitic effects. The third and fourth chapters are dedicated to the study of these parasitic effects observed on the GH15 technology. After the description of each parasitic effect, an in-depth characterization is carried out in order to help in their understanding. The last chapter deals with the impact of technological parameters on the performance of HEMTs of GH15 technology. After presenting the different technological variants, their impact on the electrical characteristics, the parasitic effects, and the reliability are analyzed.

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