30 Avril – Thesis defense - Gabriele Birindelli

14 h Conference Room - IMB / Building A33 (Talence campus)

Entropic model for dose calculation in external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

This work is dedicated to development of a completely new Grid-Based Boltzmann Solver (GBBS) for the transport and energy deposition by energetic particles and x-rays in human tissues. The entropic closure and structured mathematical formulation provide an efficient framework enabling calculations of the delivered dose with an accuracy comparable to Monte Carlo (MC) codes in a strongly reduced computational time and without any special processing power requirement.
In contrast to discrete ordinates angular discretization methods, such as Acuros®, the entropic model is based on a reduced number of moment equations for the electrons and photons closed with Boltzmann’s H-theorem. Keeping a good accuracy of calculations, the algorithm can simulate different treatment techniques such as the external radiotherapy even in presence of magnetic field (e.g., MRI&-guided radiotherapy), brachytherapy or intra-operative radiation therapy. The model has been compared with the full MC simulations by using the code PENELOPE and showed a good accuracy and performance for different materials and geometric structures.

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