20 Juillet – Thesis defense - Giap Luong

10 h30 Amphi Jean-Paul Dom - Laboratory IMS (building A31) /

Conception d’un amplificateur de puissance reconfigurable en technologie CMOS nanométrique pour des applications LTE dans les drones.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), often known as drones, have been finding numerous applications in life. Drones applications need several essential performance indicators such as coverage, signal strength, latency, and mobility under scenarios. Therefore, the use of wireless communications in drones is critical to address all requirements. Because of high-speed connections between drones and users to transfer high-resolution high-volume data, latest wireless generations, namely the LTE standard, are privileged. It is straightforward that the integration of RF blocks is essential to build a system-on-chip and shrink the size of drones. To answer the above question, this thesis aims to develop a fully integrated reconfigurable high-performance innovated PA that supports 4G LTE standard to be used in UAVs’ applications. The fully integrated 65-nm CMOS power amplifier (PA) provides a watt-level output power, addresses the linearity/efficiency trade-off. A four-winding transformer is implemented to configure the multi-mode operation of the PA. The “segmented bias” technique allows the PA to increase the linearity. The PA not only obtains high radiofrequency performances but also demonstrates a potential to adopt it design in the lower 5G band.

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