11 Juillet – Thesis defense - Guangying Jin

14 h Amphi Jean-Paul Dom, IMS / building A31 (Talence campus)

Management of the design process : human resources allocation in factory of the future.

With the rapid development of internet of things and the internet driven global economy, the relationship among various designers from all over the world are getting closer, and the relationships among them in the project are shaped by many new challenges such as multiplication of data and information, mass customization, global collaboration, scarcity of resources, dynamic technology, etc. The engineering design depends on the efficiency of communication between actors in the design process. This leads to an increasingly complex of the human resource allocation and a more and more difficult risk management in design project. Many companies and institutes have developed their own human resource allocation and risk management method to the design process. However, these methodologies consider about the skills and expertise of the designer, but rarely think about the group interaction, experience working together ability and the personality analysis of the designer. Therefore, in this work, we propose human resource allocation which consider about the ideas above to effectively managing the design process.

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