16 Décembre – Thesis defense - Jalal Possik

15 h30 Amphi du DUSA (Département universitaire des sciences d'Agen) - Agen

Contribution to a methodology and a co-simulation framework assessing the impact of Lean on manufacturing performance.

Aside from the human and managerial skills necessary to propel any business, the right Lean deployment can play a big role in reducing waste and maximizing efficiency. Capturing these benefits is highly dependent on adequate Lean techniques integration. One of the major hurdles companies face is the difficulty to choose the Lean tools that best fit their contexts and that are best tailored towards reaching their objectives. In this study, we proposed an HLA based Co-Simulation framework with a Java-based digital platform to allow different federates (discrete event simulations), representing the operational Lean tools, running simultaneously in parallel. Time management mechanisms of HLA are required for regulating the advancement of the federates during the simulation run. An example of an Aeronautic company is used to demonstrate the usefulness of this co-simulation framework. Six Lean configuration models are investigated under market fluctuation, demand diversification, and uncertainty of resources contexts compared with an actual model simulated as a Lean free scenario.

Event localization