14 Février – Thesis defense - Jérôme Bouter

14 h Amphi 3 - Building A9 (University of Bordeaux / Talence campus)

Laser-matter study for bioprinting.

Every year, the transplant waiting list growth in France as in all over the world.
To fight this curse, Bioprinting, based on 3D printing, makes organ printing possible, especially with Laser Assisted Bioprinting (LAB). Robust, precise and viable, this method use laser-matter interaction to eject a bioink made of living cells. To avoid the use of absorbing sacrificial layer, we directly focalize a laser beam into a living cells bioink, to create a plasma then a cavitation bubble. Its position, which is mainly driven by laser wavelength, and its size, managed by the energy and pulse duration, are the most important keys to control liquid jet ejection. However, the laser energy deposition and jet ejection is disturbed because of cells local concentration disparity, but when cells are printed, they are viable and are able to reconstruct living tissues.

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