29 Novembre – Thesis defense - Jonathan Page

14 h Amphi Poincaré - Building A22 (Talence)

Development and validation of the Lorentz force implementation in the M1 model. Study of the effect of magnetic field on dose deposition in external radiotherapy.

Most of patients diagnosed with cancer are treated by radiotherapy, one of the three recommended modalities of treatment with surgery and chemotherapy. It consists in delivering a high energy radiation on a target volume. It aims to destroy the cancerous cells without damaging the sane tissues and organs at risk. Diverse numerical tools are used to preview how the energy is going to be depositied in the patient's body. However, these tools can suffer from inaccuracies or a simulation time too long for clinical uses. As a consequence, we developed a new fast and accurate model allowing to simulatie the transport and the energy deposition of particles.
New installations allow the treatment by external radiotherapy while imaging the patient body by MRI, and are currently on the market. Magnetic fields induced by this technique have as secondary and possibly noxious effect to deflect the charged particles, injected or created in the medium, which has a consequence on the energy deposition. Currently, there is no available model allowing to simulate these effects accurately and fast enough. We introduced the magnetic effets in our model to answer this issue. We validate it with numerical comparisons with the MC model FLUKA, and experimental comparisons led at the Bergonié Institute.

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