13 Avril – Thesis defense - Laurine Curos

10 h Amphi Jean-Paul Dom - laboratory IMS / Building A31 (university of Bordeaux - Talence campus)

Modélisation comportementale des effets de destruction d'alimentations d'équipements électroniques soumises à des impulsions électriques conduites forts niveaux.

Intentional Electromagnetic (EM) interferences such as High Altitude Nuclear EM Pulse
(NEMP/HEMP) are able to generate electrical disturbances, similar to those produced by
lightning. NEMP couples efficiently on aerial lines of the electricity distribution network and propagates into the power supplies of electronic equipment. Several studies exist and have shown the destructive effects of these high current level pulses on electronic equipment. Few of these studies focus on understanding the origin of these destructions. However, an advanced understanding of the power supplies failure mechanisms is the key to predict destruction. In this approach, experimental and theoretical research is implemented to predict numerically the electromagnetic interference effects on electronic power supplies. This work has permit to
develop a complete failure scenario for an electronic power supply as well as to determine the main modes leading to the failure of each sensitive components. By associating the failure models of components, we are then able to simulate numerically the proposed scenario and therefore predict the destruction effects induced by high level current pulse injection on power supplies.

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