18 Décembre – Thesis defense - Mariem Sbayou

10 h Amphi ENSEIRB (Talence)

Modeling and Simulation applied to healthcare sector: the study of a rural healthcare territory.

The rapid growth of the service sector, especially modern services, is a remarkable feature around the world. The complexity of conceptualizing services is often related to their modeling, design, and the management of possible interactions between the customer and the provider. One of the fundamental public services is health services, the major challenges faced by health services are: governance, coordination and accessibility to care. The accessibility of care is usually linked to an unbalanced geographic distribution of doctors and a high waiting time. In this context, an approach based on the theory of Modeling and Simulation taking into account the possible heterogeneity of modeling environments is proposed in order to analyze the problems related to the management of a service territory. This approach aims to give a global vision on the functioning of the service system studied, by taking into account the related factors impacting both the choice of service users and the process of service production.

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