30 Octobre – Thesis defense - Mohamed Amine Chadil

10 h30 Amphi Nougaro - Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (Toulouse)

Penalty methods for the simulation of fluid-solid interactions with various assemblies of resolved scale particles.

The simulations of multiphase flows at real application scale need models for unclosed terms in macroscopic equations. Particle-Resolved Direct Numerical Simulations using Viscous Penalty Method have been carried out to quantify the interactions between particles of different shapes (spheres, ellipsoids) and the carrier fluid at different regimes (from Stokes to inertial). Two methods have been developed to extract hydrodynamic forces and heat transfers on immersed boundaries representing the particles. Validations have been conducted for various configuration of particles: from an isolated sphere and spheroid to Face-Centered Cubic to a random arrangement of spheres. A correlation of the Nusselt number for an isolated prolate spheroid past by a uniform flow is proposed.

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