08 Octobre – Thesis defense - Mohamed Bensalem

10 h Amphi B - ENSAM, Esplanade Arts et Métiers (Talence)

Development of THz imaging for contactless water content and temperature field mapping for the thermal and mass characterization of diffusion coefficients.

The movement of moisture in the porous network of certain materials is very often at the origin of phenomena prejudicial to the durability of the constructions of the civil engineering. This is particularly the case for the drying of wood, which creates cracks and delaminations at bonding interfaces, and for concrete in situations of fire where the movement of moisture can induce irreversible disorders (chipping). The use of predictive models of structural ruin therefore requires the simulation of the moisture movement within the materials. These mass and heat transfer models are sophisticated and need to be confronted with measurements in order to be validated. Few experimental techniques exist to measure moisture movements or gradients in porous networks, especially in transient conditions (drying, fire). Existing techniques are often expensive and impose severe conditions of safety for the researchers.
The objective of the thesis is therefore to develop a device for measuring gradients of moisture based on Terahertz imagery. This is a comparatively inexpensive measuring technique and makes it possible to carry out transient measurements. An existing experimental bench will therefore be adapted to the measurement of the moisture field on wood specimens under variable water-moisture conditions and on concrete specimens in a heating situation. The results will constitute a database useful for understanding the phenomena of degradation of materials and will be directly usable as a validation tool for calculation models.

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