06 Décembre – Thesis defense - Mohamed Guédria

14 h Amphi 1 - EIGSI (La Rochelle)

Modeling and evaluation of urban delivery based on small vehicles.

Adapting the VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) to the urban context requires to  integrate some specific constraints, as the congestion of traffic and the limited access to downtown. We propose a  TDVRP (Time-Dependent-VRP) planning optimization model taking specifically into account the multi-trip movements which result from the usage of small vehicles suited to city conditions. Due to the necessity of respecting delivery time windows, our thesis results in a  MTTD-VRP-TW (Multi trip Time Dependent VRP with Time Windows) planning model which is dedicated to the optimization of urban deliveries using small vehicles, with the aim of reducing the nuisances of urban transport without sacrificing logistics performance.

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