13 Novembre – Thesis defense - Nicolas Baptistat

10 h Full videoconferencing

Study and correlation of the influence of electrical parameters on the EMC performances.

Advances in manufacturing techniques for electronic systems have made it possible to reduce the sizes of electronic components as well as increase the performance of integrated circuits. However, this technological revolution has generated electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. To overcome this, engineers carry out various tests of simulations and EMC measurements.
However, these tests may appear insufficient because it does not consider PVT (Process Voltage Temperature) variabilities that may exist.
The aim of this research work is to show the significant advantages of taking into account PVT variations, both during the EMC simulation phase and EMC measurement phase, and to propose solutions that can be easily implemented for industrial companies.
In order to reach this aim, we present a study of  PVT variations on the conducted emission characteristics of switching cells based on field effect transistors.

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