09 Octobre – Thesis defense - Samuel Redois

10 h Amphi J.P. Dom - laboratory IMS / Building A31 (Talence campus)

Conception et réalisation d'un amplificateur de puissance en bande X pour application RADAR.

In order to respond to the increasing integration and ramp-up of airborne electronic systems, new Radar architectures are developed. To meet these technological challenges, silicon technologies are in the process of replacing III-V technologies, such as AsGa technology, in the performance of similar functions. In particular, the relevance of SiGe  technology  has  been  shown  in  several  studies  thanks  to  its  power  handling, miniaturization  and  high-frequency  operation.  In  order  to ensure  high-power  operation while  maintaining  the  reliability  criteria  for  active  antenna  radar  applications,  several balanced architectures have been developed. A design methodology for power combiners and amplifiers has been developed to take full advantage of the benefits offered by SiGe technology. These circuits are integrated and validated to highlight the relevance of SiGe technology for medium and high power X-band applications.

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