07 Décembre – Thesis defense - Simon Gorecki

14 h Amphi Jean-Paul Dom - Laboratory IMS / Building A31 (Talence campus)

Using business models to orchestrate a distributed simulation federating risk management.

Nowadays, modeling and simulation (M&S) plays a central role in the dimensioning of business processes in industry due to a significant increase in the number of components involved. The combination of components produces a complex system and induces a proportional increase in project risks. Consequently, it is necessary to characterize and control them in models and simulation. In addition, since the system is the association of different domains, actors must be able to perform simulations integrating specific, independent, heterogeneous and distributed components. Several co-simulation standards propose mechanisms to orchestrate distributed components. Among them, two standards: High Level Architecture (HLA) and Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) allow the association of heterogeneous components and respectively have advantages in terms of behaviour expression and time management. However, their implementation remains complicated with process management tools and a need for compatibility is always expected. In addition, joint implementations of the two standards present problems in aligning concepts and methods for a global orchestration of the two standards.
In this research work, we propose the development of a modeling and simulation platform in order to apprehend in a more formalized way the complexity of the industrial context. Our objective is to propose a method and a modular tool capable of solving different industrial problems. Each research topic presented here will be treated by an extension of the platform whose role is to respond to a problem related to a different complexity:
- Modeling and simulation of the risks inherent to an industrial context:
We propose an extension capable of externalizing the definition of contextual risks outside of a simulation model, in order to facilitate their development and simulation.
- Integration and interaction between two cosimulation standards (HLA and IMF) :
We propose the adaptation of our M&S platform to the piloting and communication of the two cosimulation standards.
- Modeling and orchestration of a distributed simulation :
We propose the use of a graphical language integrated to the platform for the piloting of a distributed HLA simulation.
These contributions are operationalized and experimented in the field of the production of mobile solar energy plants by the company ALSOLENTECH. Indeed, this company has expressed needs that fit well with our research problems, it provides us with a case study and application and exploits our work from the concepts to the exploitation of the proposed solutions.

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