13 Décembre – Thesis defense - Sylvain Larroque

14 h Amphi E - Building A29 (University of Bordeaux - Talence campus)

Strong field ionization of chiral molecules.

This work concerns the ionization of chiral molecules by strong fields, and particularly the electron dynamics involved in this process at the attosecond timescale. We have developed a spectral approach to solve the time-dependent Schrödinger equation, well suited to describe the laser-molecule interaction for fixed nuclear geometry in an effectively monoelectronic mean-field framework. We present our methodology, as well as its implementations for various chiral ionizing fields, in close collaboration with experimental works. We show that strong-field ionization, occurring in terms of tunneling through the potential barrier lowered by the laser field, is sensitive to the target chirality. The instantaneous chirality of the interaction is encoded in both the amplitude and the phase of the ejected wavepackets. The subsequent scattering of the electron onto the chiral potential eventually further modify the amplitude and the phase of the wavepackets. Therefore, our results unambiguously show that strong-field ionization dynamics are influenced by the target potential, whatever is the target beyond chiral species.

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