04 Juillet – Thesis defense - Tessa Hubert

10 h30 Amphi Wegener / building A22 (University of Bordeaux - Talence campus)

Bioinspiration and building envelope: proposition of a design method and experimental application.

This PhD work aims at developing a design process of building envelopes inspired by living organisms using an experimental approach. For this purpose, different key steps of the bio-inspired design process are addressed. First, the exploration of a defined perimeter of living organism, analogous to building envelopes, i.e., biological envelopes and animal constructs, highlights relevant features and strategies for the envelope and its required functions. Workshops gathering building stakeholders - architects, engineers - lead to the development of various envelope principles. One of them, based on a hybridization of thermoregulatory principles from two species, is selected as a case study. Using parametric design tools, the principle is transferred into a technological concept of a deformable and deployable adaptive envelope, managing air, heat and light transfers through the wall. The prototyping of such a system then lead to its technological and experimental evaluation at different scales. A test bench is designed to perform 1:1 scale experiments under real climatic conditions. The measurements, coupled with grey box models, offer first elements towards its characterization and the evaluation of its global impact on a building. The objective of an approach that can be used and appropriated by different building actors without requiring prior knowledge in biology is achieved, while promoting interdisciplinarity for the generation of innovative bio-inspired concepts or products.

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