23 Octobre – Thesis defense - Thibaut Despoisse

14 h30 Amphi J.P. Dom - Laboratory IMS / Building A31 (Talence campus)

5G 28 GHz high efficiency integrated phased array transmitter.

The limitations of the current mobile telecommunication generation (4G) are actually reached. Indeed, the available data rate and the maximum number of users are no longer sufficient. A new generation (5G) is being developed to cope with these needs. It will target different use cases: internet of things, ultra-high data rate communications, and some critical applications such as autonomous vehicles or remote surgery. The needs are much higher than the existing network capabilities. So, innovative solutions have been proposed.
In this thesis work, a new sizing methodology has been developed for 5G systems. It is applied to the Ka-band high data rate communication use case. Several architectures which meet the defined specifications have been studied. A methodology has been implemented to compare their performances depending to their power consumption. Thus, the best suitable architecture for the targeted use case is chosen. Finally, an advanced CMOS technology has been chosen and characterized in order to realize parts of the 5G system. RF switches and low noise amplifier operating in the Ka-band have been designed.

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