13 Décembre – Thesis defense - Xabier Heguy

10 h Amphi - Building UFR Sciences and Techniques de la Côte Basque (University Pau and Pays of Adour / Anglet)

BPMN 2.0 Extensions and Quality Management Method for Enterprise Data Interoperability.

Increasingly, enterprises have to interchange data between different information systems, whether with their business partners or whithin an internal department. The crucial problem of data interoperability then arises. This issue, which is largely ignored by most of the integrants of the enterprises at any level, causes waste in the form of non-value added task and a significant decrease af data quality. Our contribution consists of two parts. First, we propose and implement BPMN 2.0 extensions whose goal is to make visible data interchanges whith interoperability issues and other one for which interoperability has been established. They allow too displaying performance measurement values of cost, time, data quality and reliability of the tasks involved in these data interchanges. Thanks to these extensions, everybody can measure the problematic of interoperability and deduce that solving interoperability issues may result beneficial. The second contribution is a method rooted in AMDEC which allows visualisying each interchanged data in detail and calculating its criticality. We can then make a priorisation of corrective actions to enhance data quality in the form of a process of continuous improvement in order to ensure an optimal data quality in the long run.

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