16 Juillet – Thesis defense - Yousra El Kihel

09 h Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de Fès - Maroc

Contribution to the modeling of the Supply Chain for the monitoring, the evaluation of the performance and the integration of the technologies of the industry 4.0: Application to the automotive case of PSA Morocco.

The modeling and measurement of supply chain (SC) performance has been widely addressed by researchers and companies, notably through models such as SCOR (Supply Chain Operational Reference Model). However, even if several models exist, none of them is specifically oriented to the management of the design and operation of the SC. An international supply chain, known as global, is complex, characterized by a multitude of partners, a diversity of transport modes, a variety of functions and processes, and a profusion of decisions to be made at all strategic, tactical and operational decision-making levels.
The challenge is to provide SC decision makers with a broad visibility of potential decisions and imperatives to achieve a reliable network of enterprises.
The first contribution of this thesis is a reference model called PERFLOG based on the GRAI method developed at the IMS laboratory. The aim of this model is to highlight the multiple functions of the SC and not only a model limited to production. PERFLOG is based on two models: a decisional model for the management of the design of a SC called GRAILOG-COP and a decisional model for the management of the operation of the SC called GRAILOG-EXP consistent with the management of the design. On the basis of this last model, a set of performance indicators was defined to support the different decisions.
The second contribution is to define a methodology to advise the company on the 4.0 technologies that would be the most relevant for it. This methodology is based on a set of reference radars elaborated by decisional level and by function from the potential of these technologies to make each indicator smarter.  A case study was carried out with a car manufacturer, PSA Maroc, which allowed to validate the PERFLOG model.
This thesis was realized in cotutelle between the University of Bordeaux and the University of Fes.

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