15 Mars – Thesis defense - Yuanci Zhang

10 h30 Amphi J.P. Dom - laboratory IMS (building A31) / Talence campus

Performance and ageing quantification of electrochemical energy storage elements for aeronautical usage.

In the context of progress in the electrochemical energy storage systems in the transport field, especially in the aeronautics, the issues of performance, reliability, safety and robustness of these elements are essential for users. This thesis is focused on these issues for the more electric aircraft. The technologies studied correspond to the latest generation commercial elements of Lithium-ion batteries (NMC/ graphite + SiO, NCA/graphite, LFP/graphite, NMC/LTO), Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S), Supercapacitor and Lithium-ion capacitors.
This thesis is composed of three main sections. The first section concerns the comparative performance quantification of the electrochemical energy storages elements in the fresh state. The specific protocols are proposed for aeronautical environment and usage. In particular, this involves defining and implementing common reference tests to quantify the energy and power density of the different elements. Then, an electro-thermal model based on a reduced number of parameters with physical understanding of elements is developed and validated. For the most relevant technologies, the performance is represented in the Ragone plane for non-isothermal conditions.

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