09 Octobre – Thesis defense - Zaineb Jebri

10 h30 Amphi Jean-Paul Dom - IMS (Talence campus)

Development of a new type of adjustable magnetic non-magnetic capacitor for MRI.

As a non-invasive imaging technology, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) revolutionizes medical diagnosis and diseases detection. Without damaging radiation, MRI systems use radio frequency (RF) waves to produce three dimensional detailed anatomical images. To reach the operating frequency of the next generation of MRI, new electronic components, in particular trimmers (called also adjustable capacitors) are necessary to obtain high-quality images. However, trimmers are still developed empirically using expired specifications that no longer respond to MRI requirements.
First of all, to provide a high level of image resolution and to reduce manufacturing time and cost, electrical modeling is an important step. Then, according to these numerical simulations, prototypes are designed and then manufactured.

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