The Doctoral School of Physics and Engineering (ED SPI) is a multidisciplinary school covering three fields: Physics, Mechanics and EEA (Electronics-Electrical Energy and Automation).

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The Doctoral School of Physics and Engineering (ED SPI) is one of eight Doctoral Schools at the University of Bordeaux, attached to the University’s College of Doctoral Studies, and directly dependent on the University’s Executive Board.

The ED SPI coordinates the activities of five doctorate disciplinary fields:

  • Astrophysics, plasmas, nuclear
  • Lasers, matter, nanoscience
  • Automation, computer-integrated manufacturing, signal and image, cognitive engineering
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics.

The ED SPI is associated with three institutions: the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), Bordeaux INP and ENSAP Bordeaux (National School of Architecture and Landscapinge).

The Doctoral School is a member of the Réseau National des Ecoles Doctorales en Sciences pour l'Ingénieur (National Network of Doctoral Schools in Engineering Sciences) (REDOC SPI).

It has abundant scientific wealth in its laboratories, which offer new thesis topics every year.


The main objectives of the ED SPI are:

  • To broaden the scientific scope available to doctoral students through scientific and interdisciplinary training courses throughout the doctoral program;
  • To synergize research work through better mutual knowledge;
  • To ensure greater visibility so that doctoral and post-doctoral students have access to the best laboratories in the framework of international exchange programs;
  • To offer practical support for professional integration.

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