Doctoral School open day

This is an opportunity for discussion for all doctoral students and researchers at the Doctoral School.

Amphi Agora ©Hugues Bretheau Amphi Agora ©Hugues Bretheau

Every year, assisted by the elected doctoral student representatives on the Council, the Physics and Engineering Doctoral School organizes an open day for doctoral students and students on Master programs.

This year, the doctoral school open day will be held on February, 23.


Why hold an Open Day?

There are many reasons:

  • To present the role of the Doctoral School in the recruitment of doctoral students, their follow-up, their additional training, their career integration.
  • To promote exchanges between doctoral students working on different topics through oral scientific presentations (with all 5 doctorate disciplinary fields represented) and many poster presentations (around sixty). The school awards a prize for the best presentations.
  • To inform doctoral students about careers and post-doctoral experience abroad through testimonials and discussions with former doctoral students.
  • To inform students about the recruitment and qualification procedures by representatives from the CNU and the CNRS commissions.
  • To present examples of real actions put in place to facilitate the integration of doctoral students into the world of business in partnership with ABG-Intelli'agence and the doctoral student associations (AquiDoc, SPIDoc, etc.).

A day for all students from undergraduates to doctorate students

On this day, all second-year doctoral students are invited to present their research in the form of an oral presentation or a poster. Any non-participation must be justified by a letter from the thesis supervisor (co-supervision doctoral program, mission).

The day is therefore a unique opportunity to have an overview of the work that doctoral students actually do, and to develop an idea about the career prospects available to them. The Heads of the teaching programs in the Doctoral School’s disciplinary fields invite students (Bachelor and Master) to attend the day or part of it. In this way they can meet doctoral students, listen to talks, especially on professional integration, and discover the work being done as they chat around the poster presentations.

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