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The Doctoral School of Physics and Engineering is headed by a Director, managed by a Board and assisted by a Council, in which doctoral student representatives participate.

Director: Nathalie MALBERT
Deputy Director: Yves CHEMISKY


The board prepares decisions and arbitrations for submission to the Council.

It manages day-to-day business and ensures that the Doctoral School functions properly, dealing with proposals with resource allocation, reviewing application reviews, training courses and seminar organizations, etc.
It also helps disseminate information to the research units.

The Board has 15 members:

  • 10 representatives (experienced researchers or lecturer-researchers), coordinators of the Doctoral School’s subject specializations,
  • One representative of each discipline: Physics, EEA and Mechanics,
  • The Director and Deputy Director of the Doctoral School.


Through its deliberations the Council manages matters relating to the Doctoral School and, in particular, defines the recruitment and training policies for doctoral students.
It delivers opinions on the activities and policies of the Doctoral School and provides guidance.
It is informed of changes regarding the functioning of the Doctoral School, mainly concerning staff, training courses, analysis of statistical data from surveys, welcoming days, events organized by the Doctoral School, etc.
It is also consulted about HDR (Accreditation to Supervise Research) etc.

The Council has 20 members:

  • 12 representatives from the research units and teams attached to the Doctoral School,
  • 4 leading figures from outside the University (from academia and the socio-economic sector),
  • 4 doctoral student representatives.

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