Research units

The Doctoral School is composed of 7 research units and 5 teams working in three main fields: Physics, EEA (Electronics-Electrical Energy and Automation) and Mechanics.

CENBG @ Sébastien Godefroy CENBG @ Sébastien Godefroy


EEA (Electronics-Electrical Energy and Automation)


Federative structures, Laboratories of Excellence

  • OASU: Observatoire Aquitain des Sciences de l'Univers (Aquitaine Observatory of Sciences of the Universe)
     Director: Éric Villenave
  • AMADEus: LabEx Advanced MAterials by DEsign
     Director: Étienne Duguet
  • LAPHIA: LabEx Laser and Photonics in Aquitaine
     Director: Lionel CanionI

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