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Authorization to supervise a thesis (ADT) is granted by the Academic Council (CAc) based on the opinion of the Doctoral School Council, through a process similar to the one used to enroll for an HDR. The ADT may be granted for a thesis supervision (100%) or for co-supervision (2 x 50%) over the course of a researcher or teacher-researcher's career so that he/she may justify doctoral student supervision experience to apply for an HDR.

The ADT is usually requested at the time of a doctoral student's enrollment for a thesis subject at the Doctoral School.

Application form

To apply for an ADT, an appointment must be made with the Director of the Doctoral School to discuss the candidate's application, which must include:

  • A motivation  letter written by the applicant, describing the subject of the thesis they are applying to supervise and demonstrating their expertise in this field,
  • a detailed C.V. showing program responsibilities and other shared responsibilities, scientific or financial partners, student supervision indicating, if known, the students' career paths, a complete list of presentations, publications and other contributions
  • a fifteen-page summary of post-doctoral research and a section presenting the research project justifying the ADT request to supervise a doctoral student

This application should be sent electronically (PDF format) to the Doctoral School of Physics and Engineering secretariat (edoc.spi@u-bordeaux.fr).

The application is then first examined by a rapporteur appointed by the Director of the Doctoral School, then discussed in the Doctoral School Council, which issues an opinion for the Academic Council.

Candidates who receive authorization for an HDR or ADT must also attend a training day organized by the College of Doctoral Schools (3 sessions organized every year).

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