Training courses

Both the Doctoral School and the University of Bordeaux offer doctoral students training courses that are useful for their research project and their professional development, as well as courses needed to acquire a broader scientific culture and which will prepare them for their future careers.

Détail du Nezd - extraction sur la ligne de faisceau / extrait AIFIRA. Détail du Nezd - extraction sur la ligne de faisceau / extrait AIFIRA.

While working on their thesis, doctoral students are invited to decide with their thesis supervisor on a portfolio of skills to acquire, consisting of about 100 hours of courses. There are two types:

  • Discipline-based courses, offered by the student’s Doctoral School, the other Doctoral Schools of the University of Bordeaux or other universities or bodies, their aim being to gain a more in-depth knowledge of specific scientific subjects,
  • Transversal courses, offered mainly by the University of Bordeaux or URFIST, aimed at all students from the eight doctoral schools, which teach the skills needed for a better career progression in academia, both nationally and internationally.

Students are advised to ensure a balance between discipline-based and transversal courses.

Students are strongly advised to follow these courses during their first 2 years, as the last year is usually devoted to writing the thesis.

The situation is reviewed each year, when the progress report is handed in and when the student starts the viva process.

The training courses followed must be recorded on ADUM
(section "off-catalog courses") so the Doctoral School can validate them.
Remember to enter your attendance certificate on this online tool,
(except for courses offered by the Doctoral School).

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