Discipline-based courses

The purpose of these courses is to broaden the scientific skills of the doctoral students and enable them to develop their research work.

CENBG © Sebastien Godefroy CENBG © Sebastien Godefroy

Courses by the Physics and Engineering Doctoral School:

Assemblages en microélectronique : du choix des matériaux aux techniques d'intégration des composants

Reponsables: Hélène Debéda and Alexandrine Gracia
Date: from November 7, 2022
Place: Laboratory IMS - building A31 (Talence campus)
Program: https://www.adum.fr/script/formations.pl?site=UBXse&mod=408190
End of pre-registration (on ADUM): October 12, 2022.

Fabrication additive

Reponsable: Robin Kromer
Date: January 24 to 26, 2023
Place: IUT Gradignan
Program: https://www.adum.fr/script/formations.pl?site=UBXse&mod=408166
End of pre-registration (on ADUM): December 14, 2022.

Inversion and high resolution imagery

Responsable : Jean-François Giovannelli
Date: from January 30, 2023
Place: Talence Campus
Program: https://www.adum.fr/script/formations.pl?site=UBXspi&mod=3497068End of pre-registration (on ADUM): January 6, 2023.

Bordeaux Masters degrees Teaching Units (UE)

Doctoral students can follow any UEs on the University’s MastersMaster’s program (courses not taken in initial training) and validate the corresponding number of hours, with the agreement of their thesis supervisor.
To register, contact the teacher responsible for the UE directly.

The Physics and Engineering Doctoral School can validate hours of attendance (actual number of hours, capped at 30 hours), provided the student has attended regularly.

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